Soldier Beats Policewoman Into Coma in Oshodi, Colleagues Attack Journalist

A policewoman attached to Makinde Police Division, Oshodi area of Lagos, was on Tuesday beaten into a coma by a female soldier during a fight.

The fight occurred while the policewoman was controlling traffic around the NAFDAC office area in Oshodi. The events leading to the fight however remain unclear.

Eyewitnesses however claimed there was an argument between the two female officers, who were both in their uniforms, which later resulted into a physical fight.

A colleague of the policewoman now in coma identified her as a traffic warden who was carrying out her official duty at the time of the incident.

The police source said the policewoman was still in coma at an undisclosed hospital.

“The case of assault has been reported to Police Command Headquarters for further investigation,” she added.

The Vanguard also claims that its reporter who was at the scene was manhandled by soldiers when he tried to talk to the duelling officers and take pictures of the incident.

The reporter was said to have dashed across the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway but was pursued by the soldiers who continued to hit him until a courageous motorcyclist came to his rescue and sped off with him to safety.

Clashes between operatives of different security agencies are not uncommon in Nigeria just as uniformed men also continue to assault journalists and other civilians at will.